CT Star Crooners

Location: Based in Cape Town



For nearly twenty eight years, the Cape Minstrels and Malay Choir group CT Star Crooners have been entertaining Capetonians as well as visitors to Cape Town with their music.

The Cape Malay Minstrels (“Kaapse Klopse”), synonymous  for their vibrant music, painted faces and rainbow-coloured satin costumes, have been parading down the streets of central Cape Town for almost 300 years.  The traditional folk music played by the Cape Minstrels was developed in the mid 1800’s, when many of the Cape Colony slaves emancipated from slavery, joined roaming Hottentot bands to earn a living. With them they did not only bring the most wonderful words which eventually found its way into the Afrikaans language, but they also brought a joy for life and a music tradition which soon mixed with the music of the various local ethnic groups. The result was a new form of music which is quite unique in the world.  The Cape minstrels can truly be regarded as the only people representing a musical genre born and developed in Cape Town. 

Today the minstrels represent a celebration of history, symbolic of the various ethnic groups coming together in the cultural melting pot known as Cape Town. Musicians, dancers and singers of all ages form part of this unique group, cheerfully reflectling the festive and colourful nature of the South African people with their banjo’s, drums and tambourines.

The perfect Capetonian welcome for tour groups and festivities, our Minstrel groups and troups are seasoned performers and a favourite choise amongst tour companies and event organisers in Cape Town.

Client Feedback

They were all absolutely fantastic!  Please give a BIG thanks to all of them again!
Esther Torlage, Aerosud Aviation

Thank you for everything. Sonja was fantastic and so were the Minstrels, and they definitely contributed to a very successful conference. We received very good feedback from our managers, and both added a proudly South African feel to our first local conference in years.
Chad Le Helloco, Pentravel

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Budget Range for CT Star Crooners is

R10000 - R20000


Submit a booking enquiry directly with CT Star Crooners, and the Artist or their manager / representative will be in touch with you soon!


Should you be unsure about which acts to enquire with, you can choose to SEND GIGSTER YOUR EVENT DETAILS and we will forward your enquiry to up to 5 suitable acts.

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