Chinese Dragons

Location: Based in Cape Town



Chinese Dragons are a traditional performance of the Han people. Dragon Dances are performed at almost all special festivals and events to scare away evil spirits. They represent bringing great luck to the people around them. 

The ​L​ion ​D​ance has ​also ​been​ a​ part of the Chinese culture for thousands of years and is performed on auspicious occasions such as weddings, store openings, various festivals and celebrations. The lion, a symbol of power​ and​ wisdom​, c​hases away evil spirits and brings hap​p​ness​ and​ longevity​.​

​We have a huge selection of Oriental Themed Entertainment. ​Various colours in the Chinese Dragons and the Chinese Lions as well as other acts. Chinese Fan Dancers / Chinese Symbol Airbrush Tattoos / Chinese Massage / Chinese Tea Stations / Oriental Face Painters / Oriental Themed Human Tables / Chinese Drummers / Oriental Themed Stilt Walkers the list goes on! Just get in touch. 

Noteworthy Performances

  • Hand-On Promotions - multiple events
  • Shimmy Beach Club - multiple events
  • Old Mutual - multiple events
  • Madison Avenue - multiple events
  • Design Indaba
  • Mining Indaba
  • Arlington Pre Daba


Photo Gallery


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Budget Range for Chinese Dragons is

R7000 - R12000 excl VAT


Submit a booking enquiry directly with Chinese Dragons, and the Artist or their manager / representative will be in touch with you soon!


Should you be unsure about which acts to enquire with, you can choose to SEND GIGSTER YOUR EVENT DETAILS and we will forward your enquiry to up to 5 suitable acts.

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