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This is to register my utter disgust and intention to sue you and your artist Marietjie Bothma, who I booked to be an MC for my event initially scheduled for the 23rd of June and later moved to the 4th of August.

Here is what transpired:

At 16:57 on Friday the 4th of August, I received a call from Marietjie’ s Manager, Zane (aka Sanny Kheswa) saying that there had been some problem and Marietjie was not going to be able to make the event. When I probed as to what the problem was, Zane indicated that Marietjie was double-booked and was only going to be done after 20:30, after which she would be able to come to my event. 

This I indicated, was totally unacceptable and would not work, especially given that the event was starting at 18:00 and Marietjie was supposed to welcome the guests and was part of the programme in terms of sharing her story in line with the theme for the evening. Zane indicated he could send a stand-in person, but for the reasons that Marietjie was specifically selected as MC for her story, that was not going to work.

Some other lady (on cell number 061 438 6562) called me at 17:26 forcing me to accept another person instead of Marietjie. I did explain to her that for the reasons stated above, it was not going to work. In any case we had 34minutes till the start of the event. How was it even feasible for someone to get to the venue, understand what we were doing, learn the script and deliver it?

I had to run around and arrange for someone to stand-in in 30 minutes and needless to say, this didn’t work well. The stand-in didn’t understand the theme and the message enough to do justice to it. She had not been privy to the script (which had been forwarded to Marietjie) and so it was bad. The guests who came in expecting to hear from Marietjie were not impressed either and this negatively impacted on the success of the event and on my credibility as the organizer and host of the event.

Marietjie, eventually arrived at 21:05 to tell me that “Things weren’t as they seemed, and that she was in fact a professional person”. Clearly her definition of professionalism and mine are very different. Marietjie also indicated that her and her manager (Zane) were having issues and that they had known more than 2 months ago that she had been double-booked with a Hugh Masekele event. Why that wasn’t communicated to me in the 2 months, I really don’t understand. And why they would accept another engagement, when I had booked them way back in Feb/March also says a lot. 

Bottom line is – it’s totally unacceptable and caused serious damage to my brand.

I want my full refund and the damages with costs, which my attorneys will communicate to you during the course of the week.

Attached is an email I only saw on Saturday from Zane (Marietjie’ s Manager) communicated the need to reschedule 


Dr Muriel Chinoda

Managing Director

Business Engine

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