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Live stream your event, company announcement, concert or remote production in Cape Town. PanaStream offers live video streaming solutions for a variety of situations – from micro productions such as a corporate message delivered by one or two delegates, to a large scale live event featuring a number of speakers, performances and live audience.

We live in a time where video streaming is no longer just entertainment. It is an essential tool through which corporates, media, government - and in fact most sectors of the economy - communicate and deliver messaging to their audience, unhindered by geographical borders.

On a corporate level, we offer live video streaming for Conferences, Talks and Company Meetings, as well as Corporate events and announcements. For bloggers / vloggers and media projects, our live interview streaming service offers an interactive solution that keeps the viewer engaged, and when it comes to Concerts and Music / performance sessions, we work with the artist to create a value-add production.

Our packages are tailored according to the size of your event and the production level you are striving for.  We can offer a full service solution which covers all the AV needs of your event, or we can work with your existing AV Company and/or production team to provide the technology required for your webcasting and video streaming requirements.

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Budget Range for PanaStream is

R6000 - R30000


Submit a booking enquiry directly with PanaStream, and the Artist or their manager / representative will be in touch with you soon!


Should you be unsure about which acts to enquire with, you can choose to SEND GIGSTER YOUR EVENT DETAILS and we will forward your enquiry to up to 5 suitable acts.

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