How It Works

This help section has been created for Client users (i.e. for individuals or companies looking to book entertainment for an event) as a quick how-to guide for using Gigster. If you are an ARTIST requiring guidance, please login to access the HELP section on your Dashboard.


There are various ways to find suitable entertainment options for your event:

* Use the genre-categorised Entertainment Roster on the left of the screen and browse the roster based on this categorisation. Narrow down your options by filtering by Province if you want to look at local acts only, and by subgenre, where available.
* Visit the relevant Entertainment Guide by choosing between Corporate Entertainment, Wedding Entertainment and Public Entertainment on the main navigation tab, and let Gigster's suggestions lead you to suitable options.
* Use the Search Function on the top right tab to search for any specific act or types of acts, and you will see a search engine type list of results to consider
* If you are still not sure which options may be suitable, click Unsure What to Choose in order to send Gigster your event details, and we will link your enquiry to a few suitable acts!


Submit an enquiry form and Gigster now creates an account for you.

* On the profile page of your chosen artist(s), click Enquire Now and complete the enquiry form thoroughly in order to provide your chosen Artist (or Gigster) enough info to quote on your event. If you are not sure which artist(s) to choose, you can complete the General enquiry form by clicking the Unsure What to Choose" button
* Make sure you have read Gigster's Terms of Use, and then Submit your enquiry
* If it is your first time using Gigster, you will receive a welcome email with a link taking you to an account confirmation page, which will ask you to create a password in order to complete your Gigster registration. This will enable you to view quotes and save your company details online
* If you enquired with (a) specific artist(s), you can expect the artist / artist manager to respond to you within 24 hours or less (although please note that some artists may take a bit longer). If you asked Gigster to link your enquiry to suitable acts, you will receive notifications from Gigster, informing you which artist(s) your enquiry has been link to, within +- half a day (office hours)


You will soon start receiving quotations from artist(s).

* When a quotation is ready, you will receive an email from the artist / artist manager, which would include your quote(s) as PDF attachments, as well as a quote summary in the email body.
* You may prefer to view your quotes online, where all available quotes will be visible on your dashboard.
* Carefully note all costs, exclusions, durations and policies on the quotation; this will ultimately be the agreement between yourself and the artist so it is important to understand all the intricacies connected with booking the particular live act(s) you may be interested in.
* Some Artists may offer various performance options (e.g. a full band vs a smaller version of the act; a quote for the performance plus PA system vs one for performance alone); the different quotes will highlight important differences and give you the opportunity to choose the performance option suited to your needs.
* The quotations you will receive are generated by a highly sophisticated, agency-developed live entertainment quote engine, which requires the artist to include all relevant information and exclusions, to eliminate any guess work! It is however still important for you to be sure you are choosing the right act for your event, so do ask the Artist any questions you may have..
* You can communicate with the artist by using the messaging function on your event / quote page, or by replying to the quote email. All your communication (whether sent by email or via the messaging system) will be logged under your messages, so that you are able to find all communication and information in one place when you need it!


Once you are ready to confirm an act, you can do so easily on your Gigster profile.

* Logon to access all your quotes, and select the Quote / Performance Option of your choice, and click to view the quote. Alternatively, you can click the link on the email that accompanied the quote of your choice, to go directly to the relevant quote online. Read through it one more time to ensure you are familiar with all its details and terms
* Click Accept Quote. You will now be asked for your billing details which will appear on your contract and invoice. Submit these, and wait for the artist to reconfirm availability and essentially commit to the booking, pending your acceptance of terms and payment
* Once the Artist reconfirms availability, you will receive an email from Gigster, prompting you to Accept the Terms of the booking online, after which you will be able to download your invoice.
* Payment now needs to be made in accordance with the indicated payment schedule.


Once you've accepted the Booking Terms, you will receive an invoice and Payment Schedule

* Most Artists will require a deposit payment of 50% or more to secure the date. The more imminent the event date, the more likely that the Artist may request full payment upon confirmation. All payment terms will be clearly indicated to you.
* Please note that failure to make prompt payment in accordance with the payment schedule on the invoice, may lead to the cancellation of your booking. You do have the opportunity to request a payment date extension should you expect a delay in corporate payment processing, but it is up to the Artist to grant or refuse this request
* We currently support EFT payments only. Invoices are issued instantly on behalf of the Artist, and payments are made into Gigster's bank account.
* Please ensure that the amounts paid are exact as per invoice and not subject to currency fluctuations or international transfer fees. If unsure, kindly add R180 per transaction to cover anticipated bank costs
* We do not offer a credit card payment facility, however, should you wish to pay via credit card or PayPal, you can contact and we will try to assist. Please note there may be an additional fee for this service


When your booking is confirmed on Gigster, you can rest assured that the Artist is booked and ready for your Event.

* Your dashboard will highlight your booking as confirmed, and you can revisit it at any time to recheck the details of your booking, or to Message the Artist.
* Although you do not HAVE to do anything more, checking in with the artist is possible at any time, and recommendable if there are any event specifics you wish to discuss. You can use the Messaging system to do this, or you can respond to any of the emails received from the Artist. You are also welcome to request the Artist's telephone number if you prefer to talk.
* Similarly, the Artist will make contact with you if needs be
* Your Agreement contains all relevant information regarding booking times, arrival time, technical and hospitality requirements etc. While your booking is strictly based on the details contained in the Agreement, most Artists will try to accommodate small changes if possible.
* We recommend sending the Artist any relevant information such as event program, technical contact etc., as soon as it becomes available.
* All that remains is for the performance to take place! Make sure your final payment (i/a) is done according to the schedule, and that all final checks have been done, and... have a fantastic event!


Visit our FAQs for a list of questions most frequently asked by Gigster's client-users



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